D and J Goat Farms LLC

Specializing in colorful, black, red, spotted, and paint boer goats

Some of our most Colorful




 We were fortunate enough to get these two full blooded does at the Bynum herd dispersal sell this past Labor Day.  They are very thick big broody does have made excellent additions to our herd.







This flashy doe is only a yearling!  We are so pleased with her size and definition.







We just got her in from Splash of Color sale, a Freedom Farm consignment.  We love her length and she has a good broody look.  Just turned her out and she had her mind on eating more than posing for a picture




Copperheand's Holly Jolly 


This is one of our most colorful along with great confirmation.  She was born the week of Christmas 2011.  We are excited about the possibilities that her genetics hold.  She was again another one of those goats the wife got to name, and when we seen she was a doe, we were certainly Jolly.




 Lazy S-T /Bon Joli

This doe was purchased at the Lazy S-T Ranch herd dispersal sale, Labor Day 2011. She was one of six does that we were fortunate enough to get.  This unregistered spotted boer doe didn’t catch and we bred her to Brutus and got two black doe kids.





These doe kids are out of the above doe. You can see how strong those spotted genes are with one of the does having few spots throughout.






 Lazy S-T /Bon Joli  

This black and white spotted doe was also purchased at the dispersal sale bred to Sir Spots-A-Lot, had two colorful buck kids.





Lazy S-T /Bon Joli 

 Another one of our wonderful purchases from the dispersal sale, and below is her kid out of Copper head.  Little girl is named Tinsel and is a very thick solid doe with a lot of great confirmation qualities.  One of the best doe kids out of that crop.  Wide chest and body, picture just can't do her justice.




Christmas is out of Sir Spots A Lot and a Lazy S-T Ranch spotted doe. This doe has a lot of color and nice frame and build.  This became one of the wife’s favorites, and yep you guessed it born on Christmas day 2011. 



Little girl has sure grown a lot in just a few months, she was a wonderful gift to find when we got back from church on Christmas.







Lazy S-T /Bon Joli 

This doe is a half blood we purchased bred from the dispersal sale.  She had the doe kid below, Mistletoe, and her twin brother who is equally colorful.  She did a great job raising her kids and has a lot of great mothering qualities.