D and J Goat Farms LLC

Specializing in colorful, black, red, spotted, and paint boer goats

The Guardians

Joe and Tricia

We had to get guard dogs after two recent dog attacks.  We were blessed to find some almost year old pair of dogs to keep the goats safe.  I don’t know how it happened but it seems Joe and Girlie will not have anything to do with anybody but Tricia and mom. 


 Joe and Girlie













The two dogs keep the herd together and when a stranger comes up one will drive the herd away and the other dog will get between the stranger and goats.  They keep a good watch out over the goats and after some time the goats have learned these dogs are on their side.  They sometimes want to play a little rough with the goats and have to be called down but they have become loved additions to the D and J Goat Farm. 













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