D and J Goat Farms LLC

Specializing in colorful, black, red, spotted, and paint boer goats


We have had several wonderful bucks throughout our career. Here are some we currently own, except for Mr. Lowe but he made the page because we have spring kids out of him.

Mr. Lowe

Mr. Lowe is the nickname we gave this buck.  He was purchased in 2010 from Circle T Farm in Albemarle NC.  Due to our decision to get into the colorful boer goats we had to make the hard decision to let him go.  He was a big buck with a lot of length that he put into his kids, we were very happy with the length that he gave us. Shown in his working clothes. 


 We purchased Brutus from Freedom Farm in Ohio in June of 2011.  This behemoth of a buck rode 9 hours and when he stepped off the truck he still weighed in at 312 pounds!  We are so fortunate to have this buck, he is putting a lot of size on our kids and so far thrown a lot of color for us.  He has giving us plenty of blacks, some reds, red and white paints, black and white paints, and even a few spots!





 Whisky was purchased at the 2012 Splash of Color sale and we are very excited about the possibilities that he brings to the herd.  We are very grateful to the consigners of this buck, Hit N Miss Farms. RR1 Whiskeys Top Spot goes back to Ruger (Ennobled), Tatonka (Ennobled), Maker's Mark & Ruger's Striker Fire in his pedigree.