D and J Goat Farms LLC

Specializing in colorful, black, red, spotted, and paint boer goats

The Things That Are Near, Dear, & Important To Us

We don’t aim to just be by standards in the ever changing goat business, and this is why we are trying to be as involved as possible

D and J Goat farms are proud members of the Boer Goat Association of North Carolina.  We are also members of American Boer Goat Association and currently members of International Boer Goat Association.  Derek Beane is a member of the North Carolina Auctioneers Association.  Jackie has served on farm/agriculture extension committee for Moore County.


 Hands on Education 

Were invited to attend career day at Southmont Elementary school to give the prospective of a farmer and talk about the work involved, the pros and cons.  We were surprised at the intelligent questions that the kids asked.  As always the baby goats are a big hit.  After the class rotations Jackie was asked to address an especially interested class about goats and raising them.    










Jackie was very happy to share his experiences as a farmer and answer the many questions that the children had.  There was no shortage of questions.  We received many thank you cards from the children and a few more questions in writing which re answered each one back in writing sending it back with Mrs. Beane (Tricia) 


In an effort to help educate individuals about farming we were happy to go to Southmont Elementary, were my wife teaches, and do a show and tell the spring of 2012.  We went to the 4th grade classes and did a quick presentation about how most farmers work hard to keep high animal welfare standards and food safety.  We wanted to give a more accurately description about how animals are raised, handled, and how much farmers care for their animals.  We answered questions on how long goats are pregnant, how long the babies stay with their mother, and many goat husbandry questions.  The students are always so eager to learn about it and when quizzed for prizes they always surprise on how much they retain.  They asked good questions and were excited to actually see and pet a mom and baby goat. 

  Family Down On The Farm

When the babies arrive the farm seems to get a little more attention.  When our nephews and niece come down they always enjoy the goats.  When the wife’s family comes down for a visit they always seem to find enough time to come to the farm.



 Jacob gets his hands on one of the new borns






As Jordan shows these "little" guys can be quite chunky








Even though everybody liked the newborns Lindsey proves sometimes it takes a little more warming up to the idea before getting your hands on them.  Nothing works better than a little Daddy Courage.




Aunt Mary Jo and Lauren my favorite cousin, at least above the Mason Dixon Line, well who  am I kidding you’re my favorite.