D and J Goat Farms LLC

Specializing in colorful, black, red, spotted, and paint boer goats

My Parents Jackie and Marie

            Dad grew up only a few hundred yards from where he and my mom live now.  Mom grew up in a small community in Randolph County called Erect.  Hard work was an everyday means of getting by.  They had to milk a cow for milk, gather eggs, chop wood, and all the things that we normally read about in books.  They lived it growing up in their own corners of rural North Carolina.  One day at a social at church they met and soon after dated and married.  They were wed in 1968 and lived in sight of my great grandfather’s home place.  My sister, Shantra was born in 1977.  They started their venture into commercial agriculture by building their first chicken house in 1980 and added two more houses in 1983, which was the same year I was born.  Dad went to trade school and got his barber licenses, and served in the United States Navy from 1965 to 1968.  He worked at Lucks Bean plant in Seagrove, NC for 20 years. Raised chickens for 21 years along with being a barber.  After the bean plant shut down, dad got a job at Randolph Community College where he worked as a custodian.  Mom worked mainly as a bank teller for 11 years, stayed at home with us kids, and after we got into school went back to work primarily as a bank teller.  The year 2012 will mark 44 years of marriage, not all have been easy but with Christ at the center of their marriage they have struggled through the worst times together. It has made the sweeter times that much better.  They have both been great parents and would say they are truly blessed.

Although it may look like it I promise no goats were harmed in the taking of this picture! Mom just wanted to show off “her” newest additions to the farm.  These two newborn doe kids are out of a full blooded doe and Brutus.  Two very healthy, chunky and colorful paints, can you tell she is excited! She helped dad spray naval of each and they were just “to cute” to not give them a hug.             

Derek and Tricia

            Miles apart, in not just the geographic but in way of life also.  Classic farm and city, country boy smitten by the lovely city girl.  Before we get to all that, I will start with myself.   I grew up on the family farm working in the chicken houses, hauling hay, and other farm related chores.  In the 6th grade we got the goats and never looked back.  I attended North Carolina State University and received a degree in poultry science with a minor in Ag Business Management.  It was while receiving my minor and doing some class assignments I felt like it would really work and we could make the goat farm work profitwise.  I was doing some assignments on market and business plans, I was using the farm as my model and decide that this would indeed work.  Ever since then we have applied the concepts and looked to grow the farms business.  Now to my lovely wife, she was the only one in her family that was born in the south, (that was a must for me southern girls are best). She grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, and went to Clearwater Christian College.  She got her degree in Elementary Education and taught in a Christian school in Florida for four year before getting a teaching job in North Carolina.  Even though she visited the church I had always attended and went to the stockyards were I was always at on Fridays , we never met until we were set up on a blind date.  Yes a blind date, I called her up for a date and she said sure,  I paused and said well that’s a surprise I wasn’t expecting a yes, I will have to call you back with plans.  We dated and got engaged, then married in November of 2010.  She is a wonderful Christian and support mate for me.  Especially when I was taking auctioneer classes, I was driving 6 hours twice a week along with my full time job. She would help me study for my class and state exam.  With her help I have my auctioneer license.  Tricia loves her family, especially watching her nephews and niece play ball and spending time with friends.  Tricia is a bigger help on the farm than she gives herself credit for.  Just like our wonderful parents that have given us a wonderful example.  Together, we make a pretty good team.

 Tricia and one of her favorite goats, Molly.  Molly was born in cold January and unfortunately her two brothers didn’t make it.  Tricia made sure to give little Molly some extra attention and would play with her. Molly would stand up on her hind legs and almost dance and twirl.  Even today Molly will always come up to Tricia.  Molly will sometimes ignore myself and dad, but always walk up to Tricia to get her head scratched behind her horns and ears.