D and J Goat Farms LLC

Specializing in colorful, black, red, spotted, and paint boer goats

             Welcome to D and J Goat Farms!

Join us May 16th as father son celebrate 20 years and four generations of goat farming!

To celebrate we will have an auction of some of ours and our friends best goats.  Mini Field Day that Morning lunch provided!  Keep checking back for more details! 

We had a very exciting summer as we had a new face on the farm helping out!

Leanna Goad has chose our farm to do her senior project on.  She wanted to learn more about goats, how we care for them, our genetic selecting to get spots and our black and white breeding program.  Leanna is a senior at Asheboro High School, a hard worker and a very quick learner as we are fortunate to have her with us this summer!

 She was a natural when it came to working and herding the goats.





She learned how our corrals and working pens operated to ease the stress of the goats during worming and vaccinations.

We went over FAMACHA, different wormers, when to use which and proper dose.  Leanna's technique improved a lot once she told us she was left handed.

 Can't forget those hooves!


Things are getting a little “Darker” at D and J Farms! 


We just got in our newest herd sire from MAX Boer Goats of PA!

We are so happy to have “MAX Boer Goats Thrill Ride” in our breeding program to help add those elusive black and white colorations and spots to our herd. Check out herd sire page for more pictures.

We hope you will keep coming back to see what we are up to on the farm, new construction, new herd additions, new purchases, and improvements

At D and J Goat farms it is our mission to continue our multi-generational practices that have led through so many successful years.  We will continue to be good ambassadors for the goat industry. We will maintain our reputable leadership and business standards, while providing quality goats and promoting education and expansion of the meat goat industry.  Most importantly we will be good stewards of what God has blessed us with not only with farming but with cultivating our quality relationships with family and friends in the goat industry.